11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (2023)

Deepfake apps use artificial intelligence to alter images and videos to make you believe something is not true. Most people use fake apps to create memes and use them to spread false information faster than ever.

Deepfake apps allow people to create characters that don't exist or show real people saying and doing things they didn't do. Deepfake apps are mainly used to create deceptive audiovisual material for good and bad purposes.

deepfake invention Technology

In 2017, a Reddit user with the username "Deepfakes" coined the term "deepfake" and used Google's open source deep learning technology to create fake videos and upload them to Reddit. He made these videos with "face swap". And from there it became popular and so began deepfake technology.

In this article, we will discuss the best and most popular fake apps and websites for Android and iOS.


11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (1)

Wombo is an AI-powered lip-syncing app that lets its users turn paused faces into singing faces. There are many songs to choose from and users can choose any character they want to see in the video, and since this app uses AI-generated Face Swap, the results are perfect.

The platform allows users to choose which characters they want to toast and how much they want to invest in it. Wombo has the few quality features of Photoshop and can also create lip-sync animated videos and is quite realistic.

Availability: Android / iOS (Free and also offers in-app purchases)


11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (2)

You might have heard the name Doublicat and the creators of Doublicat have renamed the app to Reface AI. Reface AI acts as one of the generative adversary networks behind the scenes.

By using the app, you can easily take a picture and choose the GIF you want to use. Everyone has their favorite celebrity and in this app users can swap faces with their favorite celebrities if they want to.

(Video) Top 5 Apps to put anyone's face on others body very realistic

The Reface app is one of the most authentic deepfake apps available online. Because its facial recognition algorithms can work with any type of cosmetic surgery and impressive quality. Users can also create short videos for their users in seconds.

Availability: Android / iOS (Free and also offers in-app purchases)

3.my heritage

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (3)

Another viral app for deepfake technology is MyHeritage. The Deep Nostalgia feature included in it has gained popularity as it allows users to create animated images.

The best feature of the MyHeritage app is that it allows you to understand your family history, create a family tree and share it with others.

It also lets you see unlimited stories from people, regulars or celebrities, from all over the world and makes you feel connected to different cultures.

The app also has an animation option that allows the user to create animations simply by uploading photos. MyHeritage's algorithm is perfect for creating animated scenes from images and enjoying nostalgic vibes.

Availability: Android / iOS / Website (free)


11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (4)

Jiggy is another deepfake app that allows its users to dance with the help of a GIF image. If you're trying to have fun on this app, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself and choose one of the app's dance moves. Jiggy then applies rendering technology to insert her image into the GIF and present an amazing mixed result with both data. It's an awesome app to try.

Availability: Android / iOS (free)

5. You

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (5)
(Video) 8 Best Face Swap Apps for Android & iPhone

One of the most advanced apps, Zao is gaining popularity especially in China due to its innovative ability to create fake videos in minutes. Users can select video clips from the library, which includes scenes from Chinese dramas, Big Bang Theory, famous Hollywood movies and more, and these GIFs can also be shared via social media platforms.

Zao can create an incredibly authentic deepfake video in a matter of seconds that looks authentic and is indistinguishable from its original version.

Unfortunately, it might not be the ideal option for those not from China, as users are required to enter a Chinese phone number when signing up.

While you can download the app on Android outside of China, you won't see the usual facial expressions in videos. The app also looks a little weird on Indian faces and it doesn't look natural.

Availability: Android / iOS / (free)


11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (6)

FaceApp is one of the most downloaded deepfake apps worldwide and is the best app of the year worldwide. This app is best known in the United States, but it is released by a Russian developer.

It offers an amazing array of AI filters, background effects, and tools to turn portraits into magazine cover photos with just one tap. The app runs on AI face editor which uses advanced features like neural face editing.

On FaceApp, the user just needs to upload his photos and see what he will look like when he is older and much more in the most realistic way.

Availability: Android / iOS / (free)

7.deep art

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (7)

Deepart, a new tool for designers and creative artists, revolutionizes the way people see art. Deep Art uses artificial intelligence that allows anyone to create works of art from images without any prior knowledge of design or programming.

(Video) Best Face Swap App | Reface | Android/iOS

It is not a fake video maker app, but it produces deeply fake photos, turning the images into art. It's a free app and includes a variety of filters for different artistic styles.

It also has Ultra HD features which are paid versions. It's a great tool for creating vintage-themed textured objects, paintings, and more.

Availability: Android / iOS (Free and also offers in-app purchases)

8.change face live

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (8)

Face Swap Live allows its users to swap faces in real time using their smartphone camera. It is also not a completely fake video making app, but it allows users to exchange faces with anyone, even an unknown photo from a video.

In this app, you can enjoy 3D effects and interactive face deformation with a variety of features and skins. If you are looking for a fake app that goes deep, Face Swap Live can be a fantastic alternative to the Zao app.

Availability: Android (free), iOS ($0.99)

9.β Deep Fakes Web

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (9)

Deepfakes Web β is another option that allows you to create fake videos online using deep learning to start the process. Deepfakes Web β can take up to 4 hours to train and learn from images and videos and take 30 minutes to exchange faces with the trained model.

The app takes time to analyze a person's face and transfer it to another body. Deepfakes Web β can be a good option for students and computer analysts who want to create fake videos.

Availability: Website ($2/hour)


11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (10)
(Video) how to face change ! best face swap app ! face chenging app tutorial 2022 !face chenge garer kasar

DeepFaceLab is a Windows software that allows you to create fake videos. It is not only an entertainment tool, but also allows users to understand the technology better and in more detail.

It uses deep learning, machine learning, human imaging, and other technologies designed specifically for researchers working in machine vision and deep learning. It requires a powerful GPU and high performance PC to run this software.

Availability: GitHub (free)

11. Counterfeiters.app

11 Best Deepfake Apps for Android and iOS – 2022 (11)

Fakers.app is the first deepfake app that lets you create face swaps and even share the results. With this software, you can show off your spoofing skills or recreate classic scenes with voice acting from the app's media library.

With fakers.app's amazing artificial intelligence technology, the video will be linked to another video with the most realistic design you've ever seen. It is accompanied by realistic faces, expressions and even movements.

Availability: Free and also offers in-app purchases

Final thoughts:

Deepfake apps also pose a serious threat to society. As most online users rely on their opinions without verifying the authenticity of their claims, fake news poses a threat to the truth.

However, the technology currently does not exist to convince anyone. But soon enough, the tech giants will surely find a way to combat this threat to our society.

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