11 best deepfake apps for Android in 2023 - Android Ally (2023)

11 best deepfake apps for Android in 2023 - Android Ally (1)Deepfake is notoriously popular for its ability to manipulate images and videos. Using this technology, you can create deceptive content such as funny memes or fake videos and trick people into believing it. All you need is the best fake apps downloaded on your smartphone.

Most deepfake apps come with audio, video and photo editing features. With a dash of creativity and a dash of imagination, you can create a variety of unique content like never before. Find your favorite app below.

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Finding a deepfake app that meets your criteria can be a real struggle. If you need a reference, we have a list of the best apps to help you get the job done. Please use the app responsibly to stay out of trouble.

1. Repeat

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Here, Reface tops the list. As one of the most downloaded face changer apps, it has everything you need to make faces for funny memes, photos or videos. Anyone can use this app thanks to the clean and easy-to-use interface.

There are so many things you can do with Reface, from face swapping to face swapping. You can also animate images to make them sing or talk. This feature is especially fun when combined with funny audio – some users even joked with the president's photo!

Live Face Swap is one of the best ways to get the most out of this app. If you want to change your face or gender, do it in real time.

In case you're running out of ideas, Reface lets you discover interesting content to get inspired. Or if you are happy with the result and want to laugh with friends, click the share button and send it through messengers or social media platforms.

2. Facial application

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Known as one of the most used face editor, FaceApp can create fake images by transforming your photo. You can add a beard or use age progression to modify your face for misleading content. Thanks to authentic results, nobody will notice that your photo is unreal.

In addition to the photo editor, FaceApp has a built-in video editor with a variety of your favorite filters. Now you can apply filters to any footage and enhance your footage. Best of all, you can enjoy live-action editing for tons of fun.

Also, this app is equipped with gender swapping to find out what you look like in a different gender. Another popular feature to fool your friends or family is weight filters that allow you to make photos smaller or larger.

FaceApp comes with the sharing feature by default. Feel free to share your edits via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook and see how your friends react to the post.

3. Uterus

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Need to spice up a selfie? Try Wombo, a cool AI lip sync app. With this app you can create funny video from your selfies. Millions of people have used this app to have fun and go viral, so now it's your turn.

Wombo's operation is quite simple. All you have to do is take a selfie, choose a song and let this app do the rest. In seconds, you'll have a weird singing selfie to share on your favorite social media platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

There are a wide variety of fun songs to choose from. Things get better once you start working with a friend. Just add another selfie and you have two bizarre selfies singing your favorite songs.

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Wombo offers a shortcut to becoming a star. Unleash your creativity to create a unique lip sync video and get ready to go viral.

4. Speaking image

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SpeakPic is among the best free deepfake apps for Android. The AI-powered tool brings your selfies to life and lets you manipulate any photo, even of a friend or public figure.

If you can't get your friend to say something embarrassing in real life, this app is for you. With just a few simple steps, you can sing a photo or say anything you want. All you have to do is select a photo and record or write any text.

I want to make it more fun SpeakPic is loaded with a variety of effects that you can use to change your voice. You don't have to worry about language barriers as the voices are available in multiple languages.

If you're looking for a great deepfake app that's easy to use, SpeakPic is well worth considering. It is useful for creating funny fake videos and boosting your social media content. Make sure you use SpeakPic for entertainment purposes only.

5. Facial magic

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FaceMagic makes playing with your face fun. Designed as a face swap app, it allows you to swap the face of a friend or famous person in a photo or video. In just a second you can get an authentic result to fool your friends, family or even social media followers.

This deepfake magic app is useful for creating funny memes or funny videos. It comes with useful features for face swapping, face morphing and social sharing. Gender switching is also supported, making it easier to recognize your face in the opposite sex.

In addition, multi-face swapping is an important feature that makes it more powerful than you thought. You might expect a video of the entire group of friends or significant others dancing or singing, which might be impossible in real life.

Whether you're active on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, FaceMagic lets you share with your friends. Thanks to the built-in share button, it is easier to share video content or photos within seconds.

6. Guys

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If there is a list of the best apps for making funny videos, Faces should be on it. Funny Face Changer allows you to create funny GIFs and videos for any purpose, including New Year, Christmas or birthday, you can even use it for fun.

With this app, you can expect easy Android video editing and photo editing. Creating an awkward GIF or video will just snap your selfie shot and that's it. Add your face to any GIF or video and you can share it on social media platforms or save it to your gallery.

A wide variety of funny frames, glasses, wigs and skins will make your videos even more fun. You can also add stickers, face emojis and everything for even crazier videos.

What is this app for? You can use faces to create GIF invitation cards or eCards. Say goodbye to the traditional paper invitation and share your joy with your friends. It also works well for flooding your social media with quirky and unique posts.

7. Every face

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Creating facial animations with AnyFace can be the ultimate hobby. This best deepfake app has tons of features to help you improve your editing skills and creativity. All it takes is one selfie pic and it will do the deepfake magic for you.

AnyFace features photo animations that help you bring photos to life. With just one tap, you can make them sing, talk, or move their mouths. Choose a phrase from this app's library and get ready for an amazing animation it creates. Or you can also record your voice to customize the animation.

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Filters are another key feature it brings to your table. It has a huge collection of filters, from head movement to sound selection. The good thing is that you can upload your own photos or choose from a popular collection; you must find famous celebrities in the list.

Are you satisfied with the results? Show off your animated photos by sharing them on your social media platform. Or you can also save them to the gallery for a personal collection.

8. Taxes

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Cupace is a humble photo editing app that lets you easily cut and paste your face into a photo. If your whole group of friends took a picture without you, just cut and paste your face. Or if you want to edit a weird photo, you'll find a great app to try in Cupace.

The operation of this tool is quite simple. Cut out a face from your photo by drawing a path around it. Use a magnifying glass for a better result. Once you get a face, insert it into any photo. voila! Your face is now in the photo.

Furthermore, Cupace is equipped with a face gallery that saves all the faces you have cropped. Whenever you need it in the future, you can reuse the faces without having to crop the original photos. Stickers and text are also supported to enhance your photos.

9. Jiggy

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Jiggy offers a great way to bring your photo to life. This deep spoofing tool will help you become an instant creator even if you have little or no skills and experience. If you want to create funny videos, stickers or GIFs from your photo then this app is for you.

If you're concerned about quality, Jiggy features realistic face and body switching for authentic results. Creating Instagram-worthy videos and WhatsApp stickers or GIFs has never been easier.

There's a lot to find in Jiggy, like 100+ fun dances, realistic jib jab and reface. Not to mention, it features live face-swapping and gender-swapping for the ultimate editing experience.

10. Deepfake-Studio

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Deepfake Studio takes face swapping to another level. When ordinary face swap in photo or short video is enough for you, then it's time to try extraordinary face swap in video clip.

Deepfake Studio lets you change your face from an Android smartphone. It supports 500 frames that can be used for face swapping without having to buy expensive hardware and master complex coding. Complete your project in just a few clicks.

The best thing about this app is that it supports AI powered photo enlargement. use thisFunction to enlarge your old photoand relive the memories.

11. Face swap support

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Enjoy unlimited face swaps with Face Swap Booth. You can easily swap faces of yourself, friends or even celebrities with this simple and easy to use app. You can also mix faces to create new unique faces.

Face Swap Booth has a huge collection of celebrity photos and faces to choose from, not to mention advanced editing tools to enhance your photos. Automatic facial recognition also ensures a better user experience.

Show off your creation with friends by clicking the built-in share button and choose your favorite social media platform.

The best deepfake apps should come with a lot of options for editing photos and videos. Use this reference to find the app that best suits your editing needs.


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