Discover the Best Monday Dining Spots in Antwerp (2023)

In the vibrant city of Antwerp, the quest for exceptional dining experiences on a Monday can be both exhilarating and challenging. While traditional norms dictate closure for many eateries, the evolving culinary landscape has unveiled a plethora of options that defy the Monday dining dilemma. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the following curated list presents ten outstanding restaurants that welcome you with open doors on Mondays.

1. Humm – Zurenborg

If you're a fan of plant-based delights seamlessly integrated into Middle Eastern cuisine, Humm in Zurenborg is a must-visit. The culinary artistry at Humm transcends expectations, offering a colorful and flavorful journey. Open from 5 PM to 11 PM, it's an ideal spot for a delightful Monday evening.

2. Kyro – Antwerpen Zuid

A recent addition to Antwerp's culinary scene, Kyro has swiftly become a staple in the city. Specializing in Japanese 'sando' sandwiches and bowls, Kyro offers a tantalizing lunch experience from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. The vibrant layers, crispy kipschnitzel, and a touch of spicy sauce create a lunchtime haven.

3. Nage – Antwerpen Centrum

For those seeking a touch of fine dining, Nage in Antwerpen Centrum is a gastro-bistro gem. Located on Reyndersstraat, this establishment, helmed by Chef Koen and host Niki, exudes a casual ambiance with a focus on refined, no-nonsense cuisine. Nage welcomes diners from 12 PM to 1:30 PM and 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

4. Satay – Antwerpen Centrum

Satay, situated at Wijngaardbrug 8, has mastered the art of South East Asian cuisine. Known for their delectable satays and more, the restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere, attentive service, and unique presentations. Open from 5:30 PM to 9 PM, Satay is a haven for South East Asian food enthusiasts.

5. Nordica 31 – Antwerpen Zuid

Nordica 31, a Scandinavian-inspired koffiebar on Brederodestraat, transcends the typical coffee experience. Beyond a stylish coffee bar, it presents original breakfast choices and irresistible smørrebrød for lunch. Open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Nordica 31 invites patrons to savor their offerings while enjoying the relaxed ambiance.

6. Dôme Sur Mer – Zurenborg

Dôme Sur Mer, a longstanding favorite near Dageraadplaats, is a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Offering freshly prepared dishes, from lobster with sage butter to crab with mayonnaise, this restaurant ensures a delightful experience. Open from 12 PM to 2 PM and 6 PM to 11 PM, Dôme Sur Mer is a top choice for an evening of culinary indulgence.

7. Overzee – Zurenborg

For a taste of Zuid-Oost Azië, Overzee above legendary café 't Zeezicht is a standout Thai restaurant. Boasting a colorful interior and a menu featuring rare Thai delicacies, Overzee opens its doors from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. With good cocktails and a lively atmosphere, reservations are recommended.

8. Bokertov – Markgrave, 't Eilandje, Zuid

Bokertov, a Tel Aviv-style Middle-Eastern food haven, has taken over Antwerp since 2021. With three locations and a range of delectable options, including the 'balagan box' for take-away, Bokertov welcomes patrons from 8 AM to 8 PM. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or a coffee break, Bokertov has you covered.

9. Tinsel – Antwerpen Centrum

Since its relocation to Sint-Paulusplaats in 2022, Tinsel has become a go-to spot for breakfast and lunch enthusiasts. With a serene ambiance and a menu featuring pancakes, briochetoast, and various egg dishes, Tinsel is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, providing a delightful start to your Monday.

10. Den Druiventros – 2060

Concluding our list is Den Druiventros, a versatile establishment catering to diverse preferences. Situated at Kerkstraat 75, it offers everything from a casual lunch to evening meals and even a cozy spot for working with a laptop. Open from 11 AM to midnight, Den Druiventros provides a welcoming and affordable dining experience.

In summary, this comprehensive guide unveils Antwerp's culinary treasures open on Mondays, ensuring that your dining experience transcends the conventional limitations. Whether you're in the mood for plant-based delights, Japanese sandwiches, fine dining, or seafood, Antwerp's diverse culinary scene has you covered. Make your Monday memorable with a visit to one of these exceptional establishments.


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