The 5 best websites where I can pay someone to write my work (2023)

Writing successful essays, research papers, bibliographical notes, and dissertations requires student engagement and a deep understanding of academic standards. Completing assignments in some subjects can be difficult for someone who has no writing experience. Because of this, many college students look for ways to lighten their burden by asking friends and classmates, "Can you help me write a term paper?" Sometimes the lucky ones find someone to help them. But for those who don't have that friend or classmate and want to hire an experienced writer for their work, hiring someone from an online writing company to write an article can be a good solution. It is an effective alternative to independently processing demanding written tasks.

Online teams run legal and professional websites that work with writing experts. These sites allow students to hire someone to write an article for them. Becoming a client of one of these professional services isn't just about answering the question, "Who can write my term paper?" but also rest assured that your essay will be completed with a title by a verified author. As experienced students attest, “Before I paid someone to write my research paper, I couldn't find a minute to relax and felt overwhelmed with work. Now I know I can find someone I trust to write my work in no time and my life has improved.”

In our article, you can read brief reviews of the five most popular writing services that students choose to use "write my cheap essay".If you're saying to yourself, "I want to pay someone to write my research paper (essay, review, etc.)," ​​these five are worth considering. We collect information about your warranties and benefits, your fees, your ordering process, and other elements of your service. Here are the five services we look at:

We hope you find this information helpful in making the right decision about paying someone to write your essay.


Students choose EssayShark to receive expert assistance from qualified professional writers. If you ask your friends, "Where can I pay someone to write my article?" This site might be one they would recommend. Reviews on the site cite the bidding system and flexible tariffs as its main advantages.

EssayShark's writing approach enables its team to provide clients with practical paper help on dozens of topics including marketing, banking, nursing, healthcare, philosophy, history, psychology and more. Among the types of documents that can be requested are different types of essays, case studies, research papers, lectures, theses, dissertations and many more.

One of the main benefits of the service is the ability for customers to choose an author and communicate with them directly. Because of this, there's no stress with questions like, "Who exactly is writing my work?" Any EssayShark customer can ask the author questions and request unlimited free revisions.

The service also allows you to get behind the wheel to find out how much you're willing to spend when paying someone to write an essay. Prices start at $13.40 per page and vary by term and number of pages. Students can choose the level of their authors, and as a bonus, students can request sample articles written by the author they are considering.


  • High quality papers.

  • 24/7 responsive customer support

  • Direct contact to authors.

In contrast

  • Some students wish to delegate the selection of an author to managers

  • Large documents such as dissertations can only be ordered in parts.

2. WriteMyEssayOnline

This is one of the best writing services for students who want to take charge of the whole process and communicate with their writers individually. When you say to yourself, "I hope I can find the best writers for write my essayhere” – maybe the WriteMyEssayOnline team is just the thing for you. The service responsibly approaches the selection of authors to work for its clients. When a student is looking for candidates for an essay, you can be sure that they will only receive relevant answers. Every copywriter for this company goes through a rigorous selection process and has to pass several tests administered by the company. During the Pay Someone to Write an Essay application phase, the student can select an author level for their thesis, case study, or other work on any topic. The levels of work available on WriteMyEssayOnline include high school, bachelor's, and master's level work, as well as writing that is not intended for a specific academic level.

The ordering process is simple and clear thanks to the company's detailed order form. You can quickly get a quick reply to your please write my college thesis inquiry from an experienced writer. If you need assistance, please let the service know your topic or topic suggestions, deadlines, topic, format type, and any relevant details you'd like to add.

If you are looking for a service that responds quickly to your "Please write my documents as soon as possible!". app you can get quick help here. The service works quickly and guarantees that you meet your deadline. Even students, who often pay to have research papers created here, say that WriteMyEssayOnline authors often submit their papers before the deadline.


  • Unlimited free revisions

  • Valuable and flexible bidding system

  • Possibility to choose the level of the author.

In contrast

  • Shorter terms increase the price

  • Authors may be offline or busy with other requests


If you say "I'm looking for a team that will write my work perfectly", your request will be heard if you select this site. PayForWriting is one of the most popular companies because it allows you to pay for college assignments and get them done quickly while their services don't cost a fortune. This website features high quality custom work written by titled authors. Here a student chooses their author from a list of different available experts that are made available to them. The Student Writing company offers several advantages, but one of the best is the customer service. This team is available to customers 24/7. The service ensures that when you pay someone to write your essays on your site, the client managers are there 24/7 to answer your questions.

The service operates on a bidding system, which means that a student who wants to pay for research articles, essays, case studies, reviews, and other work that says, "Please write a paper for me," can choose an author. List. from several experts. Every order placed results in instant feedback from available writers with relevant skills and titles. A client who pays someone to write an essay through this service can read a detailed profile of a potential contributor and decide if they want to work with him or her. These professionals are easily contacted through a secure chat facility on the PayForWriting website.

Free revisions are one of the bonuses offered to all customers who want to pay for documents of this service. To ask a question or make an update to the author you hired to write your article, just send a message through the built-in chat. Whichever author you choose after asking, "Please write my essay online' glad to update your article.


  • Direct contact with a selected author

  • Money Back Option

  • Unlimited free updates

In contrast

  • It may take some time before you receive a response from a designated author.

  • Revisions are paid when you change the original terms of the order writing

BuyEssay is a perfect service for students who feel stuck in their writing assignments and are looking for ways to relieve stress. According to customer reviews, with this service you get a quick response to the request: "Please write my university thesis", and you do not have to pay large amounts for services. If you're thinking, "If I'm going to pay someone to write my article, I don't want to choose the author myself." - BuyEssay can be a good option. With this writing service, you don't have to choose the expert. If you pay someone to write your essays here, the customer service managers will find the authors for you. So you don't have to worry about finding a qualified article author. To ask for help and ask an author to write your article, register on the site, fill out a form and pay the money. Once your job is ready, a customer service manager will send you a link to download your job.

For many students who are considering paying someone to write an essay for them, the question arises, "Who will write my essay?" It's vital. At BuyEssay, you can rest assured that term paper, research paper, or any other type of writing assignment will be handled by outstanding writers with degrees in dozens of academic disciplines, from history to banking. The team examines the diplomas of the authors and tests their writing skills.


  • Many qualified authors with many years of experience.

  • You just have to pay for the service and wait.

In contrast

  • Inability to control the writing process.

  • Reviews can take several days.


MyPaperForMe is a writing service that welcomes clients from the first page and promises to do the most challenging work for them: writing their articles. Any student can easily navigate the service's attractive website and quickly navigate through the register to pay the people who will professionally write essays for them. On MyPaperForMe, customers complete an order and deposit the required amount to receive several offers from authors ready to respond to a new request “Please write my article”.

If you need a professionally written review or some sort of college essay quickly, this service is a perfect option for you to pay someone to write an article for you. One of the advantages, besides the high quality of work, that MyPaperForMe offers is the speed of delivery. Here's an author who won't shy away from asking, "Please, do my part for me As quickly as possible.

Students who are concerned that a professor will find out that they have decided to pay someone to write an essay for them can also rest easy as the service guarantees anonymity. Also, there are no cash transactions or unsafe money transfers when you pay someone to write documents here. MyPaperForMe offers only reliable and secure transaction options. Even if you're wondering, "Can I get my money back after paying someone else to write my essay?" So it will give you peace of mind to know that this service offers this possibility.


  • Easy navigation, attractive website design

  • Fast delivery

  • Ability to control the writing process.

  • Possibility of money back

In contrast

  • The prices are not the lowest on the market.

  • Some payment systems are not applicable

Frequently asked questions about companies writing an article for me

Is it safe to pay someone to write my article?

Absolutely! Accessing any of the trusted sites mentioned in our article is not only completely safe, but always guaranteed to be fast and effective. Good companies don't risk their reputation or make empty promises to their customers. When you choose a responsible writer from a reputable service, you can rest assured that the process of getting help is safe. Some of the guarantees you have when you pay someone to write your essay include confidentiality and payment security. A confidentiality guarantee means that your personal information will be stored securely on a selected service website. You are free to share information about yourself, but a strong service does not need to know too much. Go to a company that guarantees that all payments are made through secure and reliable systems such as PayPal, American Express, Visa, Master Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. We encourage you to read the details of the service's privacy and security policies. on their website for a full picture.

What data do I need for an order when I pay for the papers?

Once you've decided to pay someone to write an article and you've found a reputable site you like, log in and provide information about your order. Providing all the necessary information about your job is crucial to ensure the copywriters understand what you need and deliver accordingly. Requesting help from a reliable service usually requires you to fill out an online request form. To pay someone to write your article, you usually provide the following information: article type (essay, research paper, speech, literary criticism, etc.), subject, due date, formatting style, tone of voice, number of pages, etc. Some services may the student choose the academic level of the author who will work on his article.

How do I make sure my work is original?

Reliable services that can help you pay someone to write your essay are reviewing your writers. A copywriter for a reputable company knows that any plagiarism detections on their part mean they no longer work with that company. So, to ensure that you are dealing with a responsible copywriter, you must first choose a reputable website. Second, remember that plagiarism detection entitles you to a refund or to request a free review. Third, many good services provide a built-in tool to help students who ask, "Please write me a plagiarism-free article" to verify the originality of their work. If a website does not offer this option, you can independently perform the verification using any tool on the Internet that you trust to perform the verification.

Do writing services offer a money-back option if I ask someone to write my work for me?

Any good service that helps in writing assignments has strong guarantees for its customers. One of the benefits that a reputable company offers is the ability for the customer to request a refund. When requesting a service: "Could you please write my work?" It also doesn't ask, "Can I pay for bad or plagiarized work?" Most services that make it easy for someone to pay someone to write for college have refund terms. So if you're paying for research with a service that has a money-back guarantee policy, first read their policy and understand how you can request a refund if you're not satisfied with the service. Typically, a student can request a refund if an assignment is not turned in or an order is canceled for a critical reason. The amount reimbursed to a student depends on various factors. For example, if you have already deposited money into your account for a research paper and then want to authorize a paper payment and cancel the order, the amount can range from 20% to 50% of the amount paid. However, if you have not received any articles from the author you hired to write an essay for you, the service usually refunds 100% of the amount paid.

How can I be sure that a trusted professional is writing my article?

When you say to yourself, "Who is going to write my college thesis?" Then perhaps the most attractive option for you is to pay someone to write your essay on a website with a bidding system. These services allow students to pay for a research paper or essay and choose an author for it. After registering, you will receive bids or offers from available authors informing you that they are ready to take your order. Each writer answers your direct questions and provides details of their skills and education. When you choose a reliable service to pay someone to write your work, you need to deal with verified professionals with degrees and experience.

How much should I pay someone to write an article for me?

Any reliable and professional service will set a reasonable price for the paper. In general, the final value depends on several factors. One of the main criteria that determines the price of writing on paper is the deadline. Most services that receive requests like "Please text me a job as soon as possible" charge more for urgent or last-minute jobs. However, the due date is not the only factor affecting the price people pay to write an essay. The number of pages of the document is also important for an author and affects the deadline and price. If you want to reduce the final score, minimize the word count. The average price for a page with a reliable writing service is $13.40.

How quickly does an author write an article for me?

An author will do everything possible to deliver your order quickly. When filling out the form on the website, it is mandatory to indicate the deadline. Any type of writing service, be it selecting an assistant or selecting a writer for you, will ensure your projects are completed within the timeframe you set. Therefore, if you require fast delivery when ordering a large paper, a strong service will not be able to produce a multi-page paper in just a few hours. You must be aware and realistic that writing a long article will take time. When a student asks, "I want to pay someone to write my dissertation. Please write my article as soon as possible”, your service can split the project into smaller parts to make the work more manageable. A professional writer can typically complete a standard-size document in a day or less. Much depends on the student's requirements.

Can a professor find out if I paid someone to write my essay?

Students paying for a research paper or other assignment for the first time often worry, “What should I do if a professor finds out that I asked someone to write my paper for me?” This fear is irrational , as a reliable service offers you unique and personalized writing. Each article written by a professional author is original and free from plagiarism. However, if you want to save money and use an unverified or cheap service to ask, "Please help me write my works," then there is a risk that your writing will not be original. Some services rent content without citations and use unverified sources. Try to avoid these companies.


Now that you know a lot about reputable writing services, I hope I have an answer to the question, "Where can I find a helper to write my term paper?" Choosing one of the companies mentioned in our article, you will receive guarantees of quality and professionalism. You are free to partner with any of the services we have reviewed, confident in the undeniable benefits they offer. We wish you good luck!


The 5 best websites where I can pay someone to write my work? ›

It's pay someone to write your paper not legal to pay an individual to write your paper. It could make you appear unprofessional and put yourself at a disadvantage in comparison to other students. The use of plagiarism is also considered illegal.

Where can I pay someone to write my paper? ›

Pay Someone To Write My Paper
  • 99Papers - Best overall essay writing service.
  • PaperHelp - Best for college essay writing.
  • Essay Box - Best writing site for stellar customer support.
  • EssayPro- Best affordable essay service.
  • GradeMiners - Best for academic papers.
  • Finest Essay - Best essay website for dissertations.
Nov 28, 2022

Where can I write and get paid? ›

Here are 12 platforms you can use to get paid to write articles:
  • Upwork. Upwork is one of the most popular platforms freelancers use to find work online. ...
  • Copyhackers. ...
  • Fiverr. ...
  • Listverse. ...
  • Vibrant Life. ...
  • Narratively. ...
  • FreelanceMom. ...
  • nDash.
Sep 30, 2022

Is it legal to pay someone to write a paper for you? ›

It's pay someone to write your paper not legal to pay an individual to write your paper. It could make you appear unprofessional and put yourself at a disadvantage in comparison to other students. The use of plagiarism is also considered illegal.

Is there a website that writes for you? ›

EduBirdie is one of the most reputable websites to help with essays. The papers are original, custom-tailored, and delivered on time. The “hire your writer” system works well, especially when you have enough time to chat with the writers and monitor the progress of your project.

What's the website that writes essays for you? ›

Best Essay Writing Services 2022: Reviews of Top 8 Websites
1.PaperHelpAll-Around Best Essay Writing Service
2.BBQPapersBest Quality, Good for Research Papers
3.EssayProBest for College-Level Academic Assignments
4.ExpertWritingFast Delivery, Fair Price
4 more rows
Sep 9, 2022

Is DoMyEssay a legit site? ›

The main question remains, though, and we can confirm that DoMyEssay is, in fact, legit, as proven by our DoMyEssay review. You can see that they use trusted payment methods, such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Is paid online writing jobs legit? ›

Paid Online Writing Jobs does not have any jobs for you to bid on they just refer you to other companies that are legit (see these companies in next section). They also say their job board is where you find jobs to bid on, but it's just other writers who have placed gigs saying that they will write for companies.

What apps pay writers? ›

  • Listverse. Image via Listverse. Listverse gives you a platform to write for various genres like entertainment, lifestyle, science, society, and general awareness. ...
  • Image via ...
  • Image via Cracked. ...
  • SitePoint. Image via SitePoint. ...
  • Copyhackers. Image via Copyhackers.

Where can I write online for money? ›

  • ClearVoice is a platform to connect bloggers with brands in various niches, as well as commissioning posts for its own blog. ...
  • Contently pays about 35 cents a word for their freelancer-focused online magazine. ...
  • Freedom with Writing pays $50+ for lists of paying publishers. ...
  • Make a Living Writing. ...
  • WOW!

Can you get caught using essay writing services? ›

Can you get caught using an essay writing service? Yes, if you hire a low-rated essay writing service, you could get detected. There are major penalties for students who purchase poorly written essays and papers from essay writing companies. You can avoid these risks, though, by hiring a professional service.

Is it cheating to pay someone to write your essay? ›

Paying someone to write your paper, whether it's a fellow student or an essay mill, is a form of plagiarism and is usually considered one of the most serious by teachers and administrators alike.

How much do paper writers charge? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Term Paper Writer? The cost of undergraduate-level papers typically ranges from $15 to $30 per page, depending on your required deadline. For example, papers with a 14-day deadline cost around $15 per page, but the price can double for assignments with a tighter deadline.

Is writers work a safe website? ›

Writers Work is a legit website for freelance writers. It is NOT a scam. While there are many websites out there that rip off writers and waste their precious hours, Writers Work isn't one of them.

Which app is best for online writing? ›

Table of contents
  • Best Writing App for Novelists: Scrivener. ...
  • Best Writing App for General Writing: Microsoft Word. ...
  • Best Free Writing App: Google Docs. ...
  • Best Writing App for Emails & Short-Form: Grammarly. ...
  • Best Writing App for Screenwriters: Final Draft. ...
  • Best Writing App for Productivity: Novlr.
Apr 7, 2023

Is there an app that writes for you? ›

ProWritingAid is a cool professional writing software that uses AI to generate content. It's great for academic papers and academic writing. Unlike many other essay writing services, this one incorporates grammar checking, spell check, style checking, plagiarism checking, and word count into the content they produce.

How much does essaybot cost? ›

Essaybot is a free software.

What is the best and cheapest essay writing service? ›

The List of the 5 Best Cheap Essay Writing Services:
Essayservice$12.99The Best Essay Writing Service
PaperHelp$11Cheap Paper Writing Service
Studdit$11Best Delivery Speed
Specialessays$11.40Huge Savings on Free Features
Mar 31, 2023

Is there a website that will rewrite my essay? ›

What is Spinbot? Spinbot is a free, automatic article spinner that will rewrite human readable text intoadditional, intelligent, readable text. Similarly, if you need a paraphrasing tool, Spinbot will get the job done for you for that purpose as well.

What is the best legit essay writing service? ›

The List of the 5 Best Essay Writing Services:
RankServiceWhy Best?
1.PaperHelpBest Value
2.BBQPapersBest Essay Writers
3.GradeMinersBest Delivery Speed
4.EssayProBest 24/7 Service
1 more row
Jan 13, 2023

Is EssayPro legit and safe? ›

EssayPro is a fully legit company that protects the privacy of its customers. Using Turnitin plagiarism software to ensure that the orders are completely unique, gives students a sense of confidence in their work. They also offer students the ability to remain anonymous to help ease their concerns which is a big plus.

How can I make instant money writing? ›

Table of Contents:
  1. Write Articles for Popular Blogs, Magazines and Journals.
  2. Create Collateral for Content-Hungry Businesses.
  3. Become a Best-Selling Kindle Author.
  4. Sell Yourself as a Conversion-Focused Copywriter.
  5. Build a Niche Blog and Promote Third Party Products.
Jan 11, 2023

How can a beginner writer make money online? ›

  1. Start a blog. Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. ...
  2. Create blog posts (for others) ...
  3. Establish a niche website. ...
  4. Self-Publish a book. ...
  5. Create affiliate content. ...
  6. Write scripts for video creators. ...
  7. Write show notes for podcasts. ...
  8. Create written content for social media.
Mar 24, 2021

Can I trust Upwork? ›

Upwork itself is not a scam. The website is legitimate, and freelancers can find actual work on the platform. However, as with any business transaction, one must exercise caution when using the website. While Upwork itself can be useful, that doesn't stop scammers from infiltrating the network.

Does Amazon pay writers? ›

Amazon offers two ebook royalty plans: the 70% option and the 35% option. In both plans, your royalty cut is calculated as a percentage of your list price, minus VAT. To be eligible for the 70% plan, you'll need to do all of the following: Publish something that's not in the public domain.

How to make $100 dollars a day online? ›

Here are a few ways you can earn $100 a day online:
  1. -Tutor students in online classes.
  2. -Become a virtual assistant.
  3. -Affiliate marketing.
  4. -Sponsored posts on your website or blog.
  5. -Freelance data entry or graphic design.

How much does TopContent pay? ›

Topcontent Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Content Writer salaries - 1 salaries reported$66,523/yr
Copywriter salaries - 1 salaries reported$78,961/yr
Freelance Writer salaries - 1 salaries reported$69,869/yr

How much does light reader pay writers? ›

It is very possible thanks to the Light Reader Creator benefit. For a complete story you can earn between $60- $600. This is the chance to show off your writing skills and make some money while at it.

What website writes essays for you without plagiarizing? ›

Choose a Legit Essay Writing Service for Your Needs
  • PaperHelp: Top-Rated Essay Writing Site.
  • BBQPapers: Best Paper Writing Service for Complex Tasks.
  • SpeedyPaper: Reliable Writing Service With Great Reputation.
  • ExpertWriting: Trusted Essay Writing Service With Quick Turnaround.
  • GradeMiners: The Fastest Essay Writing Service.
Sep 19, 2022

Has anyone ever bought an essay online? ›

Tens of thousands of students are believed to have bought essays online and submitted them to university tutors, a practice known as “contract plagiarism”.

Can someone help me write my essay? ›

99Papers - the best "write my essay for me" company overall. Studdit - professional paper writers from the USA. EssayPro - the cheapest website to write your essay. PaperHelp - top-rated company to pay someone for an essay.

Can you go to jail for plagiarizing an essay? ›

Legal Punishments

Most cases of plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of anywhere between id="mce_marker"00 and $50,000 -- and up to one year in jail. Plagiarism can also be considered a felony under certain state and federal laws.

What is it called when you cheat on an essay? ›

One of the most common forms of cheating is plagiarism, using another's words or ideas without proper citation. When students plagiarize, they usually do so in one of the following six ways: Using another writer's words without proper citation.

Is a paper plagiarized if a friend writes it for you? ›

Although it must be obvious to everyone that hiring another person to write an essay for you is plagiarism, copying portions of another person's work is also bad. Copying a paper or portions of a paper from an essay bank of old papers or copying old lab reports would be an example of this kind of plagiarism.

How much should I charge for a 500 word paper? ›

For one interview source when writing for an editorial brand, I aim to earn at least $0.75 a word when I'm thinking about how much to charge for 500-word article, and it depends on the topic. That averages to at least $375 for an article.

How much should I pay someone for a 1000 word essay? ›

The low end for a 1000-word research article is around $75, while an experienced writer may charge closer to $250 or more. Blog article. Less technical articles are often quicker to write, so you may want to charge less. A 1000-word blog article averages around $50 at the lower end and $175 at the higher end.

How much does a 5 page essay cost? ›

You should expect to pay in the range of $15-$30 per page to have someone write a paper for you. The cost to write your essay depends on a number of factors that may vary from with different writing assignments.

Is writer works worth it? ›

Writers Work is legit, but it's not without its problems – and plenty of people on Reddit are sceptical about the real benefits it brings. Writers Work offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but over the years some people have complained of difficulties claiming on it within those 30 days.

Is appen a real company? ›

Appen is a legitimate company and not a scam. In the UK, Appen is registered as APPEN (UK) LIMITED with the company number 06647360. However, just because Appen is legit does not mean it is also a great money-making opportunity. On Trustpilot, Appen has an overall rating of 1.4 out of 5.0 which is not exactly stellar.

How much money do freelance writers make? ›

How Much Do Freelance Writer Jobs Pay per Hour?
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$156,000$13,000
75th Percentile$63,500$5,291
25th Percentile$37,500$3,125

What is the best platform for new writers? ›

10 Best Blogging Platforms For New Freelance Writers
  • Medium. The popular blogging platform Medium continues to grow as it draws businesses and publishers into its ranks. ...
  • Jekyll. ...
  • Tumblr. ...
  • Ghost. ...
  • Wix. ...
  • ...
  • Squarespace. ...
Dec 13, 2018

Is there a free app for writing? ›

Answer: Many writing apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Word are already free and used widely around the world. Other tools like Grammarly offer its users with the free version of their tool to perform basic grammar checks.

How do I start freelance writing online? ›

How to become a freelance writer
  1. Research the freelance writing industry. ...
  2. Develop necessary business skills. ...
  3. Ensure you have the tools of the trade. ...
  4. Understand current writing conventions. ...
  5. Work on improving your writing skills. ...
  6. Decide on a writing niche. ...
  7. Create a writing portfolio. ...
  8. Market your writing.
Mar 10, 2023

What app is best used for writing an essay? ›

Best Essay Writer Apps
AppsUsed For
GrammarlyIdeal for grammar checks, proofreading, and plagiarism checks
HemingwayIdeal for impactful writing and converting complex words to simple words
EvernoteIdeal for taking notes; great planner and organizer
StudybayIdeal for expert assistance in the academic field

How much does it cost to hire someone to write a paper? ›

You should expect to pay in the range of $15-$30 per page to have someone write a paper for you. The cost to write your essay depends on a number of factors that may vary from with different writing assignments.

How much do people pay to write a paper? ›

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Professional Term Paper Writer? The cost of undergraduate-level papers typically ranges from $15 to $30 per page, depending on your required deadline. For example, papers with a 14-day deadline cost around $15 per page, but the price can double for assignments with a tighter deadline.

Can I pay someone to edit my paper? ›

You can hire us to edit your graduate paper or even if your request is "edit my research paper free" we can give you some ADVICE. Feel free to contact our professional college paper editors 24/7 just type "edit my paper within 24 hours" and you will find our company online.

Can I pay someone to write my thesis? ›

Despite what the dissertation writing websites may tell you, if your dissertation or thesis is written by anyone other than yourself (even partially), that constitutes academic misconduct.

How good is EssayPro? ›

The company scored 77.1 out of 100 according to the A*Help score, so we believe that EssayPro is reliable and offers prices with the above-average paper quality.

How do I price my writing? ›

Here's a breakdown to help you gauge your per-hour rate based on your experience level:
  1. Entry Level — $15 to $30 per hour.
  2. Intermediate — $35 to $60 per hour.
  3. Experienced — $65 to $100 per hour.
  4. Expert Level — $105 to $150 per hour.
Feb 27, 2023

How can I get paid for writing online? ›

We've got 10 tips for how to make money by writing online and offline below.
  1. Guest Post on High-Paying Publications and Magazines. ...
  2. Become a Copywriter. ...
  3. Do Freelance Content Writing for Businesses. ...
  4. Ghostwrite Stories. ...
  5. Get Paid to Write on Medium. ...
  6. Self-Publish on Amazon Kindle. ...
  7. Blog and Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing.
Apr 20, 2023

Is there a website that can proofread my paper? ›

QuillBot's proofreader guarantees your writing is fully polished. Our free and easy-to-use proofreading tool gives your written work a final edit with just one click. Our proofreader is all you need to be confident in your final draft.

How much do people charge to edit papers? ›

Rates for Professional Editing Services. As a guideline, you should expect to pay at least $12 per 1,000 words for proofreading, $25 per 1,000 words for copy editing, and $70 per 1,000 words for content editing or rewriting. As the word count increases, many editing services will charge a lower rate per word.

How much does it cost to pay an editor? ›

The Basics of Editor Costs

The average ballpark estimate for editing a book's copy and proofreading is anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. The cost of developmental editing, often known as the more advanced work, can range from $5,000 to $10,000 per book.

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Jul 12, 2022

How much does a thesis writing service cost? ›

Typically, dissertation writing costs start from around $20 per page. This rate is the standard cost if the deadline is more than 20 days. The pricing becomes higher if the deadline is shorter and requires urgent health. Clients who want to hire top experts in any field will have to pay extra costs.

Can I pay someone to write my research proposal? ›

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